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Are You Doing Enough To Manage Bad Debt & Late Payments?
Debt Collection Centre Ltd is a full time legal and specialized consultancy whose prime focus is offering tailor made services like training in Credit Control and Debt Collection skills including money recovery to organizations or individuals faced with challenges of irregular cash flows. CASH IS KING and to make a profit you have to produce goods or deliver services to the customers before being paid.

However, if payment for the goods or services you have provided delays or fails to arrive (bearing in mind that even those with excellent credit history can miss a payment or experience financial hardship); then your cash flow can be under real pressure. Therefore, Cash is the oxygen, life blood and primary indicator of business health that enables it to prosper and however healthy the profit margin or sales volumes, if a business runs out of cash it will fail.

Our Specialization: "Turning Credit into Cash!
We are experts in identifying and diagnosing the underlying symptoms arising from slow, non or irregular payment for which we prescribe either "preventive" (getting equipped with right skills and avoiding possible occurrences) or as a "post mortem" treatment (collecting and managing what is already in debt) in order to tackle the actual root causes. CASH IS KING and the fact is that everyone else is in a daily competition over limited cash to resolve a debt.

Situation Analysis: If You Aren't Getting Paid, Someone Else Is."
In order for a company to stay afloat in this competitive era, they are obliged to give more credit as a crucial marketing tool for attracting clients before being paid. However, even those with excellent credit history can miss a payment or experience financial hardship; a fact that is often overlooked by many companies while pushing for sales. Sales people in particular, need to remember that a sale is not a sale until it has been paid for: no matter the volume or figures involved. Cash keeps Business in Business!

Problem Statement: "Until You Collect The Debt, Then All You Have Is Cost!"
Every Shilling Unpaid Affects Your Sales, Cash Flow and Bad Debt Reduces Your Profit Margin! Late or non-payment of debts can cause serious cash-flow problems and the longer a debt remains unpaid, the more likely it is to turn into a bad debt. So Take Control of Your Credit Sales Now and Influence Customers to Pay You Sooner; because having cash at the right time is so important since the very viability and survival of any business depends on it.

Justification: Are you tired of dealing with none or slow paying customers
Is debt collecting taking more time, energy and resources away from running your business? Are you sick of ever growing bad debt and shrinking cash flow month after month? The effect of inadequate or irregular cash flow is real, immediate and if ignored can be disastrous for any entrepreneur, business or company. So don't wait until things become critical;